Busbridge Bye-laws

2016-17 Season (1st July 2016 – 30th June 2017)



1        The lake will be closed from March 15th until April 14th 2016 inclusive.

2        Busbridge Lake may be fished by members only.  ( No guest or day tickets ) 

3        Non members may not enter the confines of Busbridge lake, except on Godalming Angling Society business. 

4        Junior members must always be accompanied by a Senior member.

5        Night fishing is allowed under the following rules:-

             a) Members must book-in with David Wood ( 01483 423645 ) and pick up a night ticket prior to fishing.

             b) No angler may fish consecutive nights.

             c) There will be no night fishing immediately prior to a match. 

6   Dead sea-fish baits or artificial baits only may be used when fishing for pike. 

7    No fishing in the stock pond. 

8    Wading is prohibited. 

9    Samples of bait may only be introduced when fishing.  Pre-baiting is prohibited.