AT/Preston Junior National League –Round 2
Added on October 03, 2017

AT/Preston Junior National League – Round 2
September 30th

This turned out to be quite a good round with several juniors picking up some valuable points that where missing in the first round. Favoured draws would be round the dog-leg, pegs 9, 11 & 13, which have been consistently good throughout the summer. After a poor first round Ethan Etherington made up for it with a superb win off peg 9 with a collection of bream and tench on the pole and chop worm for 26lb2ozs. Second place was some way behind but like Ethan, Tom Clark improved on his previous first round score with a nice catch of tench and bream for 13lb 9ozs,caught mainly on the method. Close behind was last round winner Ben Gregoriades, who had a similar catch for 12lb 6ozs, taken on the pole which keeps him in the lead with two rounds remaining. As expected pegs 9, 11 and 13 occupied the top three places.

Ethan Etherington 26-2-0
Tom Clark 13-9-0
Ben Gregoriades 12-6-0
Harry Franklin 7-12-0
Freddie Bacon 6-6-0
Callum Hutchins 6-0-0
Micheal Ewing 3-6-0
Jessica Carter 1-1-0

Points after round 2:
Ben Gregoriades 36pts
Callum Hutchins 28pts
Ethan Etherington 28pts
Tom Clark 28pts
Freddie Bacon 24pts
Michael Ewing 22pts
Harry Franklin 14pts
Tom Stratford-Tuke 16pts
Jessica Carter 12pts

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