Dads & Lads Match October 26th Broadwater Lake
Added on October 28, 2019

Dads & Lads Match 
October 26th 
Broadwater Lake

Five teams entered this final Dads n’ Lads of the year and true to from Team Gregoriades drew end peg near the road end and found fish almost from the off. But it wasn’t the Lad who showed the way but the Dad! Marcus’ first fish was a super looking common of over 14lb which was followed during the match by 9 other fish for a total weight of over 107lb, topped by another stunning common of over 18lb. Not wishing to let his dad have all the fun, young Ben weighed in with 7 fish for nearly 68lb, his best was just over 13lb. There total of 17 fish included 3 double hookups!

With all the fish seemed to be settling nearer to road end, the other 4 teams struggled to find anything decent but a good joint effort by the Carter team saw dad pull in a 15lb 5oz common to add to daughter Jess’ 8lb 15oz 8dr weight, which was mainly due to a 7lb 10oz 8dr mirror!

The other teams could only manage a single fish apiece, and it was the dads who showed the way in each case to their siblings!

Well done to everyone for sticking it out in what turned out to be a miserable end, weather-wise, to the match.

NB: It was down to the wire for the Ewings as they’d been sitting motionless for nearly the whole match and it was Ewing ‘The Elder’ who saved the duo’s blushes with a last-gasp fish of nearly 12lb.

Next match is the penultimate one of the year on Hill Pond (Nov 16th), so make sure you book in, as it’s the last but one point’s match.

Team Gregoriades: 175-8-8
Marcus 107-13-0, Ben 67-11-8
Team Carter: 24-4-8 
Dave 15-5-0, Jess 8-15-0
Team Devasagayem: 18-11-0 
Pete 18-11-0, Matt 0-0-0
Team Hackman: 15-2-0 
Rob 15-2-0, Leo 0-0-0
Team Ewing: 11-15-0 
Dave 11-15-0, Michael 0-0-0.

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