Junior Match
Added on June 12, 2017

Junior Match, Broadwater
June 3rd 2017

Unfortunately numbers where down for this match, due mainly to various scholastic commitments. The five who did make it were divided themselves into silverfish and carp directions. This proved quite a perplexing choice, as on one hand the carp had been spawning and were probably not very interested in what the juniors had to offer, but on the other hand targeting silvers was probably the safer route. Surprisingly, only one decided to opt for silvers straight away, our newly returned female Jessica Carter, who preceded to fish pole and maggot over caster and hemp for a commendable 11lb, of mainly rudd, from peg 13.

The carp, while being somewhat indifferent, did make a showing on peg 12 for young Ben Gregoriades, who helped himself to over 74lb. This consisted of eight fish, with his last fish of the day weighing in at 14lb 2oz. James Buckley, of Mr Crabtree fame, caught three fish late, the best weighing 15lb 6oz, which added to an overall total of 35lb 7ozs.

Our next match is on the 17th June on Harris and followed by the annual Broadwater Night match on 1st July, which I will be reporting on at the next GCM in July.

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