Junior Match, April 20th 2019, Lythe Hill Lake, Haslemere
Added on April 25, 2019

Junior Match
April 20th 2019
Lythe Hill Lake, Haslemere

Normally prolific, the lake seemed to switch off for the five who turned out. Ben Gregoriades drew the boards past the car park and winkled out 15lb 5ozs of small carp to start his campaign. Last round winner Monty Martin kept up his good form with 11lb 13ozs of carp and bits for second place. Jessica Carter worked hard for her 6lb of bits, topped by a nice carp, for third.

A new ‘try before u buy’ recruit, Lotty Simmons, could be forgiven for slipping in part way thru as she’d been doing ok under dad Lee’s guidance, but the 8 year old found the soaking wellies too much to bear, so called it a day. Nevertheless, she still managed a respectable 3lb 11ozs and gained some valuable experience for when she comes back. Another new recruit, Tom Rollings, was a little limited with just a feeder rod, but managed to avoided the dreaded ‘blank’ on his first visit with a 2.5lb carp. He’s better for the experience and looks forward to coming again with a more comprehensive selection of tackle.

Our thanks go again to Lee Hazell and Haslemere club for the use of their super lake.

Ben Gregoriades 15-5-8
Monty Martin 11-13-0
Jessica Carter 6-0-0
Lotty Simmons 3-11-8
Tom Rollings 2-8-0

Sensas Junior Points League (SJPL) after 2 rounds:
Monty Martin 9pts
Jessica Carter 6pts
Ben Gregoriades 5pts
George Evans 4pts
Tom Rollings 2pts

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