Junior Match, Dads & Lads
Added on October 22, 2018

Junior Match, Dads & Lads
October 13th 2018
Broadwater Lake

A nice but chilly start to the day saw 8 pairs turnout. The draw looked to favour those nearest the clubhouse end, but it was in the middle area that saw the best weight with Team Devasagayam securing the win, for a corrected result! Dad Pete netted 5 fish for over 42lb and when combined with Matt’s 2 fish, totaling 24lb+, they ended up with 67lb+.

Initially announced as winners, Team Etherington drew near the clubhouse and dad Paul, fishing a method tight along the tree line, ended up with 4 fish, topped by a superb 17lb 14oz common, while son Ethan could only look on. However, Ethan did managed to snare one near the end and the pair finished with a grand total of 61lb 4ozs to finish close behind.

A few pounds behind where Team Gregoriades and it was the dad Marcus who once more who led they way with 4 fish for 34lb 11ozs. Son Ben netted 2 fish to take the pair’s final weight to over 56lb.

Top junior weight was Tye Hackman with 3 fish for 32lb 8ozs 8 dr.
Biggest junior fish prize went to Leo Tilbury with a stunning 15lb 10ozs common.

1st Pete & Matt Devasagayam 67-4-0
2nd Paul & Ethan Etherington 61-4-0
3rd Marcus & Ben Gregoriades 56-5-0
4th Darryle Slater & Monty Martin 37-9-0
5th Andy & Tye Hackman 32-8-8
6th James & Tom Stratford-Tuke 23-4-0
7th Jack & Leo Tilbury 15-10-0

Next match is a Junior points league match at Richardson Lake on Saturday 27th October, so don’t forget to book in

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