Junior Match, Johnsons Lake
Added on August 15, 2017

Junior Match, Johnson's Lake
12th August 2017

With recent reports giving no encouragement, seven juniors turned out for what proved to be a disappointing match, confirming previous reports. With no quality fish present it was all small fish once more for the competitors.
For the second time in 3 years the winner was Jessica Carter and although the original tiny carp she caught in 2015 were absent, Jessica managed to catch lots of small rudd, roach and a 12oz perch for 3lb 3ozs.
Next best weight was Ben Gregoriades in the next peg who had a similar catch for 2lb 8ozs. Ben Barnett took a few better stamp roach and rudd for 2lb.

NOTE: Having spoken to all juniors present it was decided that the next Johnson’s match on October 7th would be switched to Lythe Hill, which produced some good weights in the July match.

Age Groups:
Under 11:
George Evans 1-4-0

Jessica Carter 3-3-0
Ben Gregoriades 2-8-0

Ben Barnett 2-0-0
Daniel Norris 1-10-0
Daniel Casbon 0-4-0

Junior Points League (JPL) after 5 rounds:
Ben Barnett 12pts
Tom Stratford-Tuke 11pts
Ben Gregoriades 9pt
Jessica Carter 9pts
Ethan Etherington 8pts
Tye Hackman 7pts
George Evans 7pts
Daniel Casbon 6.5pts
James Buckley 3.5pts
Daniel Norris 2pts

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