Booking a Match

Booking a Match at Marsh Farm

Match bookings can only be accepted from bone fide clubs or organisations also due to an increasing number of no shows you will be required to send a deposit of £50 to validate the booking.

To book a match first check on the calendar to ensure the date required is available then contact Match Secretary Roger Howe either on 07729-554193 or by email Alternatively you can request a booking via the onsite Apollo Angling Centre and Roger will confirm your booking and add to the calendar as soon as possible.

  1. Marsh Farm match fees from 1st July 2017
    Up to 10 pegs £9.00 per peg
    11 or more pegs £8.00 per peg
    Pegs will normally be consecutive, however if organisers wish to leave gaps between pegs you can book a  whole or half lake but be aware if you book a half lake you must pay for that however many anglers you bring. YOU CANNOT LEAVE GAPS IF YOU ARE PAYING PER PEG. Lake prices are Richardson whole lake 50 pegs £280, half lake 20 pegs £140. Harris whole lake 46 pegs £240, half lake 20 pegs £120.
  2. We can usually only book out both lakes on the same day for a match with prior approval of the Godalming club. Please contact Match Secretary Roger Howe in this instance.
  3. Competitors must use Marsh Farm keep nets and landing net heads during matches. There is a net limit of 40lb, use 2 nets with fish over 1lb in one and fish under 1lb in the other. Please hang up your nets in the net barn to dry at the end of the match.
  4. Maximum duration of matches to be six hours.
  5. Also please click here match rules to see the general match rules.

Please use the toilet facilities provided on site and respect the fish, wildlife, and grounds at all time during your visit.