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To all junior members: book your ticket for this years Preston Junior League which starts on 26th August!
Added on July 20, 2017

Preston Junior League 2017

This years event begins on August 26th on Richardson Lake for all Juniors who are aged 16 up to December 31st 2017. You will need to go onto the Angling Trust website in order to buy your ticket. Godalming Angling will not be charging any peg fees for each of the 4 rounds! The link for purchasing your ticket is as follows:


So book in with Angling Trust now to guarantee your place!


2017 Junior Night Match – Broadwater Lake
Added on July 04, 2017

2017 Junior Night Match
Broadwater Lake

It was surprising that this annual event attracted so few this year. With three new age groups available this year, it was disappointing that we didn’t see more attend in the 16-21 year bracket! Maybe there was uncertainty about the age qualification, as in previous years the age for juniors had been 16. But with the inclusion now of a new Young Adult membership for 2017/18 season, there was an entitlement for those between the ages of 16 and 21 years to compete. I can only assume that there was some confusion over eligibility of this age group, as this was newly introduced this year. Hopefully next year will see more attending.

The six who attended had plenty of helpers in attendance, including Wychwood sponsored angler Darryl Slater, who gave his time to help some of the less experienced juniors. He also brought with him some Wychwood products to add to the superb goodie bags that Gardner Tackle supplied. Both parties should be applauded for their support of this event.

As it happened this match turned out to be much better for the majority than in previous years with some cracking catches recorded.

Not known for his carping abilities, but more his silverfish efforts, our new Young Adult member, Daniel Casbon, had a superb match taking 20 fish up to 18lb 4oz to recorded a stunning 224lb 12oz win. Daniel had 12 doubles in his catch and managed to keep his dad Ian up all night as he constantly put fish on the scales on peg 11.

Not far behind with 17 fish, including 8 doubles was Finnley Newnham in the 12 to 15 age group. Unfortunately for Finn, his fish were a little smaller, but they still totalled an impressive 167lbs from peg 13. Finn did have the consolation of taking the biggest fish prize, by the narrowest margin from Daniel, which weighed in at 18lb 8ozs to Daniel’s 18lb 4ozs!

A previous Broadwater match winner, Ben Gregoriades, was third with 12 fish, including 5 doubles from peg 7, for 109lb 9ozs. Unfortunatey for Ben, he was in Finnley’s age group so missed out on the prizes, but still had the experience of banking an impressive 109lb 9oz catch.

The Up to 11 group couldn’t have been much closer with George Evans and Ellis Newnham trading fish after fish from pegs 15 and 16 respectively. But it was George who narrowly came out the better with his 9 fish, including 4 doubles, for 87lb 11ozs to Ellis’ 7 fish, including 6 doubles, for 83lb 8ozs. Well done to both of them, a great battle

Last but not least was Ben Barnett, who’s not really carp orientated, but does like to compete. Ben opted to go for silver fish as his skills with carp lacked purpose. Ben weighed in 4lb 4ozs, after he’d retrieved his float gear from the various bushes around him! He did try a bit of carp’in with Darryl’s help, but you could see his heart really wasn’t in it!

This report would not be complete without appreciation to the many helpers who attended, especially Dave Kill who managed the security throughout the night. Without them this event is a none starter! Thanks go to Apollo for supplying the main prize, and also Gardner Tackle for their generous and continued support of this event. Additionally, there is a big thank you to Darryl Slater and his sponsors, Wychwood Tackle, for their equally generous support.

Age Groups:
Up to 11:
George Evans 87-11-0
Ellis Newnham 83-8-0

Finnley Newnham 167-0-0
Ben Gregoriades 109-9-0

Daniel Casbon 224-12-0
Ben Barnett 4-4-0

Next match is at Haslemere's Lythe Hill Lake on the 29th July (Points match). Don't forget to book in!

Junior Match Harris Lake
Added on June 26, 2017

Junior Match, Harris Lake
17th June 2017

Harris proved, as always, to be a challenge, not only for the seniors but also for the 9 juniors who turned out. So it was interesting to see who kept concentration and rose to the challenge. An early tench saw George Evans, on peg 27, lead the field for sometime before Ben Gregoriades hooked into a couple of tench near the pads on peg 37 to hold the lead. But it was Tom Stratford-Tuke who didn't give up and kept plugging away on the 8m pole with chop worm and caster to hook a couple of tench in the last 45 minutes to take the win. It was an interesting excercise for all the juniors to teach them that fishing is not just about catching loads of fish from a water stuffed full, but more of a thought process when things are tough going. Hopefully Harris taught them a few things which they'll remember for future occasions. Everyone stuck to the task and although the weights were low and some really struggled, valuable lessons where no doubt learnt. Well done to everyone!

Age Groups:
Up to 11:
George Evans 3-15-0
Michael Ewing 0-13-0

Tom Stratford-Tuke 6-9-0
Ben Gregoriades 6-4-0
Ethan Etherington 1-8-0

Daniel Casbon 1-6-0
James Buckley 1-6-0

Junior Points League (JPL) after 3 rounds:
Ben Barnett 9pts
Tom Stratford-Tuke 9pts
Ethan Etherington 7pts
George Evans 6pts
Ben Gregoriades 5pt
James Buckley 3.5pts
Daniel Casbon 3.5pts
Tye Hackman 2pts

Next match is the annual Broadwater Night Match, so please book in early

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