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Junior Match - Hill Pond
Added on April 20, 2017

Junior Match - Hill Pond, April 15th 2017

What a brilliant match for the 6 who managed to attend! The 2016 U23 World Champion, Alex Clements, was once more in attendance to give our juniors some great instruction. Alex spent considerable time going round each junior and offering advice and instruction to help them catch more. In fact he even went so far as to set up young Tom Stratford-Tuke with his own pole, so he could better compete with the rest of the lads. We didn't tell Tom how much Alex's pole was worth, while he was fishing with it though!!!

Best of all on the day was our England Talent Pathway representative, Ethan Etherington who, despite a slow start steadily built up an unassailable lead with tench, crucians, roach and rudd coming to maggot over groundbait. Ethan finally weighed in over 20lb to finish 7lb clear of his nearest rival, Ben Barnett.

Ben had started like a train and must have worried Ethen (just a little!), but sport tailed off for him while Ethan's flourished. Ben still manage to put together a substantial 13lb+ made up of a similar catch to the winner. An encouraging performance from Daniel Casbon in his first season with us, saw him net over 12lb of tench, crucians roach and rudd. This was topped by his PB crucian of 1lb 11ozs. Well done Daniel. Tye Hackman finished 4th with a creditable 10lb which was made up a quite a few small tench, taken close in with sweetcorn.

Ethan Etherington 20-14-0
Ben Barnett 13-12-0
Daniel Casbon 12-2-0
Tye Hackman 10-0-0
James Buckley 9-6-0
Tom Stratford-Tuke 6-1-0

Junior Points League (JPL) after 2 rounds:
Ben Barnett 9pts
Ethan Etherington 5pts
James Buckley 4pts
Tom Stratford-Tuke 4pts
George Evans 3pts
Ben Gregoriades 1pt

We'll be showing the video taken at the match and also have some pictures of Alex during his teach-in, where he caught quite a few fish! This will be posted in the Media Zone very shortly.

The next match is the Kids 'n Dads on Richardson Lake, May 13th. Don't forget to book in!
Next JPL is June 17th on Harris Lake.

Richardson Lake
Added on March 20, 2017

Junior Open Richardson Lake
March 18th 2017

While only 7 turned out for the first match of 2017, it was a real treat for them as the 2016 U23 World Champion Alex Clements was in attendance. Alex got down to some real tuition with the lads and while the weights weren't stunning, everyone bar two caught. Alex gave some spot on advice to all the lads and one impressed him particularly well, it was Ben Barnett on peg 50. Ben weighed in 15lb 15ozs to easily take top spot, he even had a PB tench of 4lb 7oz to go with it! Ben fished both bomb and pole, but it was the pole and maggot which caught him the best fish and some lovely crucians.
An encouraging performance by Tom Stratford-Tuke earned him second place with 8lb 2ozs, which included a bream and two tench, all taken on the bomb and maggot. George Evans completed the top three with a bream and tench for 5lb 7oz, all taken on the bomb and maggot. Close behind where James Buckley with 4lb 9ozs and Ben Gregoriades with 4lb 6ozs.

Age Groups:
Up to 11:
George Evans 5-7-0

Ben Barnett 15-15-0
Tom Stratford-Tuke 8-7-0
Ben Gregoriades 4-6-0

James Buckley 4-9-0 

Junior Points League:
Ben Barnett 5pts
Tom Stratford-Tuke 4pts
George Evans 3pts
James Buckley 2pts
Ben Gregoriades 1pt

Next match is on Broadwater April 1st. Please make sure you book in as early as possible.

Junior match date and venue change!
Added on March 20, 2017

Match date and venue change

Please note that the Junior match on April 22nd has been brought forward to April 15th on Hill Pond, as the AGM is on the 22nd. Apologies for error.

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