Winkworth Fly Fishers
Winkworth Flyfishers are part of the Godalming Angling Society


We fish Rowes Flashe Lake at Winkworth Arboretum a beautiful National Trust water of some 5 acres, set in an eye-catching valley above Godalming and close to the village of Hascombe. Our season starts on April 1st and continues through to the end of November. The first stocking of trout is in mid March, with triploid rainbows and browns ranging from 2 lbs to 4lbs. . Parking is available in the Lower Car Park by special arrangement with the National Trust and a key is provided for entry via the locked gate.

Fishing is by boat only, so no problems on the back cast! There are two boats available, a two man boat and a one man boat, both of which are very stable platforms to fish from. Life jackets are available in the boathouse and must be worn whilst on the water. 

Fishing is by fly only, with no hook above number 8 long shank to be used. Application to fish must be made in advance by telephone to Mrs. T. K. Richardson on 01483 423635, between the hours of 2 pm to 6 pm, but for no more than one half day session at a time. (From dawn to 1 pm and from 1 pm to dusk). All members will be issued with a key to the boathouse and fish returns must be made at the boathouse in the returns book, this includes nil returns.

After the first calendar month of the season, members may take a guest on to the water, not more than twice in seven days, at a cost of £15.00 per session. The bag limit for the guest is one brace per session. (All guests must be booked in and paying guests paid for by arrangement with Mrs. Richardson).

The subscriptions for non-members of the Godalming Angling Society are £200 a season plus an initial entry fee of £30. For existing members of the Society the subscription is £175 a season plus a £30 one off joining fee.