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Junior Match, Lythe Hill 8th September 2018
Added on September 17, 2018

Junior Match, Lythe Hill
8th September 2018

In stark contrast to the previous round we saw 7 turn up at Haslemere’s Lythe Hill lake and with plenty of room available saw a couple have some great sport catching on the surface.

Pegged on one of the newly made pegs on the far side, Ethan Etherington started to catch across to the island at 16m and kept a good rhythm going to take the win with a mixture of carp and silvers for 42lb 4ozs. Ben Gregoriades was at the near end of the car park and ended up catching on the top on small pieces of bread for 35lb 4ozs. Jess Carter was at the other end of the car park bank and eventually got the fish feeding on floaters for just over 20lb.

Our thanks to Lee Hazell and Haslemere AC for the use of their splendid lake.

Age groups: 

Ethan Etherington 42-4-0
Dan Norris DNW

Ben Gregoriades 35-4-0
Jessica Carter 20-1-8
Monty Martin 13-14-0
Matt Devasagayam 2-9-8
Tom Stratford-Tuke 2-7-0

Sensas Junior Points League (SJPL) after 5 rounds (round was 4 cancelled): 
Jessica Carter 17pts 
Ben Gregoriades 16pts 
Ethan Etherington 5pts
Michael Ewing 5pts
Freddie Bacon 5pts
George Evans 4pts
Ben Barnett 4pts 
Monty Martin 5pts
Sky Bacon 3pts
Tom Stratford-Tuke 2pts
Harry Franklin 1pt
Dan Norris 1pt
Matt Devasagayam 1pt

Next match Bramley on 29th September. Please remember to book in!

Junior News
Janaway Cup Report 2018
Added on September 16, 2018

The last coaching session of the season is the annual Janaway Cup* junior competition.  All our juniors from the beginner and more advanced coaching groups fish together on Hill pond.  To make things fairer everyone has to fish with a 3m whip and use maggots as hookbait so there are no sneaky long poles being used to give any team an extra edge!   

As always this made for an exciting competition.  Unusually the tench that usually make up the bulk of the weights on hill pond were sulking- only 4 were caught in the whole event!  But with the tench not feeding this left space for some beautiful crucian carp and rudd to make up most of the weights.  The winners – Ben and George- sat on a veritable nest of curcians.  Ben and George are cracking anglers and needed no help to make the most of their draw.  The boys caught 15 quality crucians plus rudd and roach to put a fabulous 24lb 4oz on the scales. Even more impressive given the match was only 2 hours long and the fish went off the feed for the last 30 minutes.  What a net of fish!

With the winners way ahead that left a right scrap for the places.  Mirella and Fraser put together 4lb of small silver fish fishing both on the deck and up in the water.  Michael and Brodie targeted the rudd and caught 4lb 5oz for third place whilst Robbie and Jamie caught some rare small tench and a lovely crucian for5lb 3oz and a well-deserved second place.

After the match we had a great BBQ- thanks to Dan, Ben, Wendy, Brian and Bill who organised all the food.  This was a great end to what has been a fantastic summer of coaching at marsh farm.  We have held 9 events and bar one small shower we have had great fishing and lovely weather every time.  My thanks go to all the coaches who are a fantastic team and work hard to make these events enjoyable for everyone who turns up.  Thanks also to all the parents and kids who enjoy their fishing and stick with it even when bites are hard to get.

David Ewing

Janaway Cup results

4th   Mirella and Fraser 4lb  0 oz

3rd  Michael and Brodie 4lb 5 oz

2nd Robbie and Jamie 5lb 3oz

1st Ben and George 24lb 4oz


  • The Janaway Cup is presented to the club every year in memory of Chris Janaway, keen angler and young doctor, who was tragically, killed aged 28 in a road accident in 2008.  As is traditional the cup comes with jelly beans.  These were Christopher’s favourite treat when fishing with his dad. A tub off gourmet jelly beans were presented to each of the top 3 teams!




Catch Reports
Eashing barbel catch
Added on September 15, 2018

Colin Woolgar has continued fishing for the barbel at Eashing and on the evening of 14th September 2018 landed 5 the best two being 6lbs 8oz and 5lbs 12oz.



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