Our Waters - River Wey
Closed March 15th - June 15th inclusive.

Godalming Angling Society own or have the fishing rights on approximately 8 miles of the River Wey, stretching from Eashing at the A3 crossing point, down-stream through Godalming, and on to just south of Guildford.

We also have reciprocal rights to fish the Guilford Angling Society stretches of the River Wey from Guildford Town Bridge to Triggs Lock near Send.

With a combination of river and navigation stretches, this provides excellent fishing for pleasure, match, and specimen anglers throughout its length.


Upper Eashingis defined as the stretch above Eashing road bridge up to the A3 road bridge, and also includes the weirpool below the Stag public house.

In addition to the resident coarse fish, anglers will contact grayling and trout.

Lower Eashing is a lovely stretch of river downstream of Eashing road bridge meandering through meadows and copses for approximately three quarters of a mile down to Miltons Wood.

Both of these river sections provide exciting fishing for a number of species, including specimen Barbel and Chub plus quality Roach, Dace, Perch and Pike.


This is an attractive stretch of river that runs from the upper of the two upstream overspills downstream to where the path leaves the river above Westbrook Mill, species as for Eashing. 

Upper and Lower Common Meadows

The upper stretch runs from the Borough Road Bridge downstream to the Town Bridge while the lower stretch runs from the Town Bridge to Cattershall Lock.

Species are Barbel, Bream, Chub, Carp, Dace, Roach, Perch and Pike. 

Catteshall Lock To Guildford Rowing Club

Fishing is available on the towpath side, from Farncombe Boathouse right down to the Rowing Club on the outskirts of Guildford. A long stretch of river and navigation, providing a wide range of features, including differing widths and flow conditions.

This creates challenging, but very rewarding fishing, when targeting the many different species.

Both float and feeder style fishing will catch a wide variety of fish to specimen size. There are Chub throughout, with fish in excess of six pounds, that fall to a variety of baits and methods.

Other species include Perch over 3 lbs, Carp and Pike to 20 lbs, double figure Barbel, plus quality Roach, Dace, Gudgeon and Bream.

The Firs Bridge stretch runs from the Farncombe Boathouse by Catteshall Lock downstream to the stream outlet from Broadwater Lake. Along this section is Trowers Bridge, a picturesque structure locally known as “Firs Bridge”, with superb fish-holding areas above and below the bridge.

The Colonel Grounds stretch runs downstream from the Broadwater outlet stream to Tilthams Bridge.

The Broadford Bridge stretch runs downstream from Unstead Lock to the Broadford Road Bridge and on past St Catherine's Lock to the Guildford Rowing Club. There is good roadside parking by the Broadford Road Bridge, giving easy access to the river, with excellent fishing upstream and downstream of the bridge.

Trunley Heath

This beautiful stretch of the ‘old’ river, has some wonderful swims on this winding water course among the tree-lined banks, with a pleasant walk down the river through the meadow.

This National Trust controlled non-navigable water, provides our members with a very natural small river in quiet countryside. A roving angler's dream, with real ‘Mr Crabtree’ swims, plus an excellent head of fish of all species. 

From the top boundary down to the point where this water rejoins the navigation above Broadford Bridge, you can expect to catch specimen fish; Perch over 3 lbs., Chub over 6 lbs.,and double figure Pike and Carp. In addition, some Barbel,  Roach, Dace, Bream, Trout, Bleak and Gudgeon.

Guildford Town Bridge to Triggs Lock near Send

Godalming Angling Society members have reciprocal rights to fish the Guildford Angling Society length of the river – for information and maps click Guildford AS River Wey

Eashing, Godalming, Farncombe, Shalford, Guildford
Size in Acres
Disabled Access
There are two disabled spaces behind locked posts at the Town Bridge. Keys are available by prior arrangement with the Club Hon. Sec.
Opening and Closing Dates
Closed March 15th - June 15th inclusive.
Toilet Facilities
No toilet facilities are available on the river
Access Arrangements
There is no specific club parking on the river other than a few spaces by Eashing Bridge. Salgasson: access is via two footpaths from Peper Harow Road. Upper & Lower Common Meadows are reached from either end. Firs Bridge can be accessed from Catteshall Lock, the private road opposite the golf club on the main road, and footpath opposite Broadwater parking. Broadford Bridge upstream and downstream from the bridge. Shalford Meadows: via footpath behind the Artington Park and Ride or from the Millbrook Guildford Lock or alternatively, park at the showground parking on the A281 and cross the field to the footbridge over the river to the towpath side.
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Travel Directions

To find directions using the Google map of our waters click here.


From the A3 take the turning signposted Eashing, about a quarter of a mile to traffic lights controlling the traffic over Eashing river bridge.
Turn left into a small car-park at the lights, before crossing the bridge.

Grid Ref: SU 946 438 GB

Godalming Meadows

Park in Borough Road, climb stile into water meadow:

Grid Ref: SU 968 443 GB

Park in Catteshall Road, enter the gate by the lock then follow the towpath upstream.

Grid Ref: SU 980 445 GB

Trunley Heath

From the Guildford to Godalming road, A3100, near to Broadwater Lake, turn into Tilthams Corner Road. There is limited parking (3 cars) in the lay-by on the right hand side, close to the entrance gate that is about 50 yards further up on the opposite side of the road.

Grid Ref: SU 991 455 GB

Catteshall Lock To Guildford Rowing Club

Colonel Grounds: Park in Broadwater Lake car park, cross the road (A3100), then take the public footpath leading directly to the river.

Broadford Bridge: Park close to bridge, cross the road (A248) and head up-stream.

Other Facilities
Day Ticket
Day Tickets are not available for Upper Eashing to Godalming Town Bridge (the Eashing, Salgasson and Upper Common Meadows stretches) but are available for the other stretches (from Lower Common Meadows downstream) from the Apollo Angling shop at Marsh Farm or A&R Newsagents, 7 Meadrow, Godalming, GU7 3HJ - payment by cash only please, no cheques or credit cards.
Guest Ticket
Guest tickets (one guest only per member fishing) are available for Upper Eashing to Godalming Town Bridge only from the Apollo Angling shop at Marsh Farm or A&R Newsagents, 7 Meadrow, Godalming, GU7 3HJ - payment by cash only please, no cheques or credit cards.
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