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Return to Match fishing
Added on March 24, 2021

Return to Match fishing

We have the go to resume matches from Monday 29th March. This means our first match will be on Sunday 4th April. PLEASE NOTE SOCIAL DISTANCING STILL APPLIES SO WE WILL BE USING THE SAME FORMAT AS BEFORE THE LOCKDOWN. There will be a rolling draw FROM 8 am so you can go straight to your peg instead of gathering in large groups. Please do not follow the scales after you have weighed in. Payout will be using "clean money" provided by the club and money collected on the day will be quarantined until the following week.. So lets enjoy our matches and be sensible so as not to give anybody a reason to shut us down again.

Covid 19 update.No matches in Tier 4
Added on December 28, 2020

Covid 19 update. No matches in Tier 4

The Tier restrictions increased on Boxing day with most of the remaining southern counties now in tier 4. This means although you can fish as individuals matches remain off until further notice. I have added the relevant information from the Angling trust website below.



  • Outdoor recreation remains a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave your home so going fishing locally with one other, outside of your household or support bubble, is permissible.
  • The regulations are a return to lockdown in Tier 4 meaning no sporting gatherings including fishing matches.
  • Travelling to fish should be local ‘wherever possible’ and entering or leaving a Tier 4 area is actively discouraged within government guidance.
  • Tackle shops and other stores can still remain open to operate a click and collect service.
  • Outdoor facilities such as fisheries can remain open.
  • No time limits have been placed on outdoor recreation so night fishing remains permissible, as previously confirmed in writing by both DEFRA and DCMS.
  • Voluntary or paid fishery management work, including bailiffing and maintenance work, remain a legitimate reason to leave home.
  • Charter boats can continue to operate in Tier 4 areas but with only one client.
  • Angling coaching and guiding can continue to operate in Tier 4 areas but with only one client.
  • The police have powers of direction to order people in breach of the regulations: ‘to return to the place where they are living’.
Match fishing update
Added on December 20, 2020

Match fishing update

Sun 20th December 2020. Following the announcement of new tiers and rules I have no choice but to suspend club matches until further notice. Although most GAS waters are in Waverley borough tier 2 and matches are still possible if all the strict criteria for running the is followed it is difficult to see how we can still follow the conditions for holding matches set out in a method statement we have to follow. I myself (Match Sec Roger Howe) am in tier 4 as are most members in the south east and are not allowed to move into lower tier areas. Individual fishing is still allowed but you must not leave or enter a tier 3 or 4 area to do so. We have know way of knowing how long the new situation will last but i will inform you when there is a change and we can resume again. If we all act responsibly hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. Have a good Christmas and new year but above all stay safe.


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