Maintenance Updates
Changes to members work party format
Added on October 03, 2019

Changes to members volunteer work party format.

As I am sure you are aware fishery maintenance is required year round especially at the height of the growing season. For this reason we have decided to make changes to the way we organise working parties, they will now be organised throughout the season as and when required not just in the spring. This means that members will be able to obtain a  "Work party docket" at any time during the season to be used at the next renewal. Work party dates will be posted in the coming weeks on the relevant website page and will include midweek dates probably on Tuesdays, Weds or Thursdays as well as weekends.

 If you would like spare a few hours of your time to help the club with general maintenance  please call or text Roger Howe on 07729 554193 to register or get more information.

Most of the work will include bankside trimming / strimming / minor bank repairs on our lakes and river beats 

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Changes to members work party format
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