Bramley Bye-laws

Effective from 6th April 2019



1. This water is open all year. 

2. Fishing is permitted from dawn till dusk. 

3. Members must park in the car park provided, entry from Park Drive. Do not park in Mill Lane or        Snowdenham Lane. 

4. Members may not occupy a swim whilst sleeping.

Notes :

To protect the fish stocks from Cormorant predation, ‘fish-refuges’ are installed in the lake. These units are broadly in the centre of the lake, and are clearly visible from the bank, with a surface weed-raft. Please do not cast over or too close to them, as this will result in lost tackle.

You are warned that shooting can take place at any time.

The inlet and outlet to the lake must not be interfered with.

Members should note that work parties will still take place during the year, generally in the Spring and early Summer. The areas being worked on will be clearly marked and closed off for the duration of the work.