Broadwater Bye-laws

2018-19 Season (1st July 2018 – 30th June 2019)



1. No Groundbait, Bread, or Nuts to be used in any form.  It is permissible to use bait samples to attract fish to a baited area, but this is limited to 2kg. dry weight over a 12 hour period, with the exception of maggots and casters for which there is no restriction.  The use of PVA bags / mesh / string for introducing bait samples is acceptable. Method-feeders and open-end feeders can be used only in conjunction with trout or carp pellets, or soil. No other binding materials may be used.  The use of live fish as bait is not permitted.  Please co-operate with our bailiffs on this important matter, and if in doubt about a particular bait or method, consult with our bailiffs before using it. The future quality of our fishing depends upon you. 

2. This water is open all year. 

3. A levy of £20 will be made for the recovery of rods lost in the lake. 

4. No surface baits of any kind may be used.  Buoyant bait (pop-ups) may be used at a maximum of 2 inches (50 mm) from the lake bottom. 

5. No carp are to be retained in keep-nets or sacks whatsoever, at Broadwater Lake, other than in authorised competitions. 

6. Members must not cause damage to banks, trees, or shrubs.  No fishing from the island and CAMPING IS NOT ALLOWED. 

7. No tents or bivvies allowed; only umbrellas and fully open-fronted shelters are permitted.  A shelter will be classed as a bivvy if it has a roll-up or zip up front or sides.  An umbrella or shelter will be classified as a tent if it has any form of over-wrap, drape or secondary cover. 

8. Fishing is prohibited in the wild fowl feeding area.

9. NIGHT FISHING. No member may fish for more than two nights in any seven nights, and these must not be consecutive. 

10. Junior members under the age of ten must be accompanied by a responsible adult when fishing Broadwater lake. 

11. At Broadwater, Juniors may use only one rod. But, Juniors aged 12 and over may use two rods during the period from 1st October to 31st March. 

12. The lake will be closed two hours before a day match and will remain closed until one hour after the stated finish time in the match fixture list ( see General Bye-law 14 ).  For evening matches the lake will be closed from 3pm until 10pm.  Note: for the Junior Night Match the water will be closed as for a day match.  

13 Notification of line breakages at Broadwater Lake must be posted in the boat-store letter box. 

14. Members may not use motorised vehicles around the lake, other than on authorised Society business. 

15. No cooking allowed, except for the preparation of beverages. 

16. No member may occupy a swim whilst sleeping. Bed-chairs and sleeping bags are not permitted. 

17. Fishing weights are restricted to a maximum of 2ozs. 

Note :  You may be asked by officials from Waverley Borough Council for your proof of membership and you must comply with this request.