Johnson's Bye-laws

Effective from 6th April 2019



  1. The lake will be closed from April 15th until June 15th inclusive. 
  2. Johnson’s Lake may be fished by members only.( No guest or day tickets )
  3. Non Members may not enter the confines of Johnson’s lake, except on Godalming Angling Society business.
  4. No fishing from the island.
  5. All members night fishing at Johnson’s lake must be in possession of a Johnsons Night Permit for the season.  Night is defined as 2 hours after sunset until 1 hour before sunrise.
  6. Applicants for a Johnson’s Night Permit must have been a member for one year from the date of joining before becoming eligible for a night permit.  Night Permits are obtainable by application to the Membership Secretary.
  7. Juniors must always be accompanied by an adult.  No Junior may apply for a night permit, all requests for a night permit to allow a junior to fish must be made by a specific letter to the membership secretary from a Senior or Young Adult parent/guardian member or a Senior or Young Adult member, who must at all times accompany and be responsible for the junior whilst night fishing.  At no time should a junior use the night permit to ask anyone to take them night fishing, other than the Senior or Young Adult he/she is designated to fish with.
  8. Parking must be in designated parking areas, with access via Marsh Farm or Water Lane.  Members may not use motorised vehicles around the lake, other than on authorised Society business.
  9. When carp fishing, members must be in possession of, and use thigh waders, when fishing in Swim Nos. 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 34, 35, and 37 this to avoid fish harm due to landing and netting in the shallow water.    The use of chest waders is prohibited.
  10. Members may fish for two consecutive nights, but must then leave the lake for at least 24 hours.