Marsh Farm Bye-laws

Effective from 6th April 2019



  1. The three lakes are open all year.
  2. This is a day-ticket water and visitors must buy tickets at the on-site tackle shop before commencing fishing.  Guest tickets are available.
  3. Opening times : 24 hours for members. 7.30am to an hour before dusk for Day ticket holders.  Dusk is as advertised on the notice-board at the lakes.
  4. This is a locked fishery outside of the Day ticket opening times and members must lock the gate immediately after entering or leaving.
  5. There are tenants on site who have keys to let themselves in and out. DO NOT OBSTRUCT ANY GATES OR THE ROADWAY.
  6. Fishing in Hill Pond is not allowed when authorised coaching is taking place.
  7. Junior members and Junior Day ticket holders under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
  8. Junior members may only fish within day ticket hours (see 3 above) unless accompanied by a senior member.
  9. Members may only use a keep-net provided by the Marsh Farm Shop. These must be emptied as per the club rules, every four hours ( See General Bye-law 22c ).  ALL LANDING NETS MUST BE THOROUGHLY DRY BEFORE FISHING.
  10. All rigs must be free-running – no fixed or semi-fixed rigs permitted.
  11. No baits to be brought to the lakes in tins.
  12. Fishing is from the formal / numbered swims only.
  13. Not more than two rods may be used.
  14. Parking only permitted in the car park.
  15. When fishing those members who are Registered Disabled and displaying a Blue Badge, or have applied to the Membership or Assistant Membership Secretary and been granted a Marsh Farm Parking Permit (requires medical proof preferably a doctor's letter), may drive to a swim and park in one of the disability bays located around the complex.  KEEP OFF THE GRASS.
  16. Members must not move fish between any lakes, other than when authorised on Fishery Management works.

 Dogs are permitted on this fishery, but must be kept on a lead and under strict control at all times. ( See General Bye-law 12 )