River Wey Bye-laws

Effective from 6th April 2019


National Coarse Fishing Closed Season :  15th  March to 15th June inclusive.

Bye-laws :

1          The method of fishing for trout is restricted to fly only throughout the trout season.

2          Night fishing is not permitted on the river stretches below ( downstream of ) Godalming Town Bridge.

3          That no competitions or sweepstakes of more than 10 anglers to be held on the River Wey and Godalming Navigation’s from the Godalming Town Bridge to the overspill into the tumbling bay just upstream of the Guildford Rowing Club headquarters, unless they are part of the Society fixture list.  And that no such competitions or sweepstakes take place on that part of the river for which we have a reciprocal agreement with Guildford Angling Society ( see below for details ), without the prior consent of Guildford Angling Society.

 Reciprocal Agreement with Guildford Angling Society :

Godalming Angling Society members have reciprocal rights to fish the Guildford Angling Society length of the River Wey from Guildford Town Bridge downstream to Triggs Lock.

For further information and maps see the River Wey page on our Website, or contact the Hon. Membership Secretary.


Note  :  We have been asked by the National Trust to insert the following note in the Society Permit as a reminder to members with regard to lead fishing weights  :-

 Please note that on National Trust Waters, the River Wey from the Wharf at Godalming downstream to Guildford Rowing Club, no lead is allowed for shot larger than and including No. 8 shot ( this includes swim feeder weights ).


 Also in addition to the G.A.S. Bye-laws, the National Trust rules relating to members fishing Trunley Heath are as follows:-

1        No parking is available in the adjacent property; access will be by foot only from Tilthams Corner Road.

2        No fishing permitted when the river is in flood.

3        No lead weights to be used and no live fish to be used for bait.

4        The adjacent land is used by agricultural tenants and graziers and for public access.

5        Day tickets are available at local shops and from the bailiff.

6        Leave no litter and it is essential that all line, hooks and tackle is removed when you leave.

7        No temporary structures, markers or pegs to be used.

8        No clearing of vegetation or damage to banks.

9        Members are asked to notify the club secretary of catches on this venue, either by post or by answer-phone 01483-422791.