Richardson Lake stocking Feb 2017

Having seen poor results from the recent netting of Richardson Lake at Marsh Farm, wheels were put in motion to redress some deficient stocks, namely in the 2,3,4 & 5 year class of bream and roach. New stocks were ordered quickly and the result was a

delivery of 350lb of roach and 500 skimmers/bream on the 22nd February. This, when combined with a positive predation policy and a more focused netting in late October, should ensure that future stocks can be accurately assessed and maintained.

Fishery Management is already looking at ways to protect our stocks, both with extra early gun patrols, fish refuges etc.
Recent weights from pleasure and match anglers looks reasonably encouraging and further feedback from the lake as time progresses should prove positive.

"apart from a few predation marks, the fish looked in nice nick"