The whole point of a hook!

Once again these videos feature our very own 'Braveheart', Dave Ewing, who gives some thought to which hooks to buy and why. We then follow with a couple of others detailing the anatomy of a hook, something very few people discuss or explain... except Dave!

"one piece of equipment I think is possibly more important than anything else... the hook!"

The Anatomy of a hook

Dave begins his explanation of a hooks anatomy by detailing the various parts which make up a hook pattern and how choosing the hook with the right pattern will help you catch more fish.

The choices are immense when it comes to selecting right for the job in hand. Whether you're fishing with pole, waggler or feeder, a wrong choice will have a dramatic affect on your day's fishing.

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Dave now gets down to explaining the whole point of a hook. Different baits will require a different gape. During the course of your angling progression, you'll encounter hundreds of different hook choices. Experience will ultimately help you choose the right hook.

The question of whether to use barbed, micro-barbed or barbless is often dictated by today's commercial and club fisheries. There are, of course, some avid anglers who will always opt for barbless! But micro-barbed can prove to be a happy medium.

With knowledge of how a hook is constructed and how to decide which pattern will best suit your requirements, you should be able to improve and increase your own catch rate. On the right is a brief checklist to remind you of the important points...

decide on which species you are targetting
decide what baits you'll be using
then choose the right hook
make sure you have enough hooks for your session
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