2024 AGM Officer Reports
Added on February 15, 2024

Please find below the reports from your officers for the 2024 AGM.

Should any member wish the reports in a Word or PDF format, please e-mail the Society at godalming.angling@gmail.com and a file will be sent out to you.



The AGM will be taking place at 9.30am on Saturday 13th April 2024 at the Guildford Rugby Club (Broadwater) and members are welcome to attend. If you do, please ensure you have your Membership Book with you.

2023 was another successful year for the Club with membership numbers holding up and, particularly pleasing, that junior membership increased slightly on previous years due, in no small part, to the work of Dave Ewing and Kevin Holcombe and the team on promoting all aspects of junior coaching and development. Bill Harris stepped back from his many years work supporting the junior coaching programme, although he is continuing to support the Society in many ways, including being on the General Committee. Many thanks to him.

Fishing was generally good and we didn’t have quite the same problems with extreme summer temperatures as we had in the previous year.


This was the first year that our membership renewals and new member applications were done on-line through Clubmate. For most people the system worked OK but with any new system (to us at any rate) there were a few teething problems and I know some of you experienced difficulties either with the registration/applications or getting books in a reasonable time. Dave Ewing and Kevin Holcombe have worked hard to resolve some of the difficulties members have had and worked with Clubmate to improve some of the functionality and reflect the way the Society works.

Hopefully, renewals for the coming season (2024/25) will continue to see progress in ease of use.

Here are some key dates and information for this season:

-       Renewals for the 2024/25 season can be made from 1st May.

-       Membership books for the 2024/25 season will be processed and sent out before the 30th of June provided you have completed the renewal registration by the 31st of May.

-       If you have changed e-mail address since last year you will not be able to login to your profile.  E-mail Dave Ewing at godalming.angling@gmail.com and he will update your profile with a new e-mail address.

-       If you have a joint membership, make sure your partner’s name is in your profile.

-       If you want to add a junior member online, please create a separate profile for each child OR buy a junior membership over the counter at Apollo Marsh farm.

-       You can add a Johnson’s night permit to all except Junior plans.

-       There is the option to donate to club coaching and upkeep and a new GAS clothing store (this is run by Clubmate, but we receive a percentage of any sales).

To get help with membership you can:

e-mail Dave Ewing at godalming.angling@gamail.com. This is the quickest way to get help as Dave manages the system.

OR telephone:

Kevin Holcoimbe on 07759 5522572 – leave a message.

Trish Noakes on 01483 415651


 Following the successful Pike Handling workshop run at Marsh Farm and some recent incidents of bad practice in hooking and handling pike, the General Committee have introduced a rule: that anybody fishing for pike in any Society water must have attended a Pike Handling Workshop and be in possession of a certificate, available at the workshop, verifying that they have.

Good pike are not that plentiful and expensive to replace and, whilst they maybe an apex predator, are sensitive to bad handling. So, in the interest of fish welfare as well as the welfare and safety of the angler it is considered that proper education in the catching and handling of these splendid fish is important and members will understand and support.

There will be a number of workshops run this year and dates, times and venues will be put on the Society’s website, Facebook group and advertised in the Apollo shop.


All your Officers, General Committee members and Bailiffs, have continued to work hard on the Society’s behalf to maintain our waters and provide excellent fishing for the members. I would like to thank them all for their hard work and support over the last year.


Significant work is always required to maintain our fisheries and support from members in helping out with work parties is needed and helps keep costs down. Please keep an eye on our website for arrangements and dates for work parties and how you can get involved.


I’ll leave fellow officers to present the details, which properly reflects the significant work to run our club and maintain our fisheries. Wishing you ‘tight lines’ for 2024.


David Johnson – Society Chairman





HON. SEC & TREASURER’S REPORT for the year up to 31st December 2023


2023 was another challenging and exciting year for GAS, with a huge programme of work including on the FMC side, which I am sure Clive will enlarge upon, and of course the administration side with the implementation of the Clubmate system to deal with our memberships alongside the other routine administration issues.


I was pleased to see those of you that attended at last year’s AGM. It would be good to see a similar turn out, or maybe even more of you. There will be plenty of room at the Rugby Club, so It should be an enjoyable affair and a chance to meet with other friends and GAS members and of course the GAS committee and officers.




It was a big decision for us to move from a manual membership system to an automated system, but Clubmate has worked well for us, in the vast majority of cases. There have been a few issues, as was expected, with such a major change. So, apologies to those who experienced any issues, but now that the initial membership database has been created, we believe that future renewals through Clubmate should go relatively easily. Fingers crossed.

We are all extremely grateful to Dave Ewing helped by Kevin holcombe for the many hours that he has spent in being the administrator of the GAS Clubmate system for us. It was time to introduce a system that enabled online payments.


As for myself I have also been organising some of the maintenance operations and estate management work on our properties and around our waters, since we have had no one formally in post as Maintenance Coordinator for the last six or seven years and giving also a hand with FMC work where I can.



 On the maintenance side we dealt with the first phase of the Broadwater swim rebuilds in early 2023 and I believe that these have been a big success. That cost around £24,000. A considerable investment. The second phase of these swim rebuilds is already well underway at a similar cost. These will not all be complete rebuilds, so we are able to attend to more swims around the lake.


We have the aim of restoring the water to something like it used to be. Those of you who are old enough to recall the lilies will know what I mean. This is ambitious and certainly will take years yet to come to fruition. Only time will tell. We are also funding, with the help of various grants from the EA, S.C.C. etc, work on the Broadwater bird feeding area, which we hope will see reduction of trees and shrubs and hopefully more marginal plants planted and thriving, which as well as being far more attractive, should also be able to absorb nutrients that encourage the algal blooms. We can already see that where we undertook the removal of some trees and thinning of other areas around the bankside last year, it has encouraged more marginals to develop.


We have also installed a second bank of aerators around the island to try to combat the low oxygen events that have routinely occurred and attempt to protect the fish stocks. We undertook more tree reductions around the banks and on the island, which should hopefully be one of many pieces in the jigsaw to improve the water quality over time. Routine Siltex applications and feeding of the fish throughout the season have also been introduced to the timetable. These of course add to our overall costs.


 Marsh Farm

We have been trialling the use of heavy-duty plastic piling when undertaking major swim rebuilds at Marsh Farm. Although expensive stuff to purchase it seems that this could be a more durable product than the oak that was previously used. A second phase of these is also scheduled to be undertaken before the end of early March 24, before the venue wakes up from its winter slumber. Lots of nettings and other things based around the fish stock, which I am sure Clive or Keith Baxter will enlarge upon.

 Johnsons Lake

  Again, a far more active regime of nettings, movements, treatments and other such things which I am sure will be detailed under FMC.

 Wood Lake

 We have had to undertake a large amount of tree work in felling Ash trees suffering from die-back and coppicing much of the self-seeded small growth on the right-hand bank as you enter. Reducing the size of the enormous plane trees on the dam wall and the beech and sycamore that are also there, is underway as a I am typing this up, although the costs for this will be in next year’s figures.


 If you have read my reports in the past, you may be aware that I write these reports based on only the cash book income and expenditure figures, as we still have not sent all the information to the Society’s accountants, who will make all the necessary adjustments accruals and the like as they do each year. But if it all goes to plan the accounts will be available at the AGM as usual.

To further confuse things, the Society season ends on 30th June each year, whereas our accounts run to 31st December, and of course, the tax years run to 4th April. So, they do not tie up.

 We saw an increase in our income in the year to December 2023, taking it to around £380,000. But our expenditure also rose significantly over the year and by my calculations, that will still leave us with a deficit for the year of around £10-15,000. But the final figure may differ when the accountants have done their jiggery pokery. This is why we are proposing a further increase in subscriptions for the coming season, which you will see set out in the proposals amongst the AGM paperwork.


Engaging contractors to undertake works from tree surgery, swim builds, to Siltex applications all adds to the Society’s running costs, as does the use of Clubmate to manage the membership system and additional fish stocks. But I think these changes are certainly to the benefit of the members and the Society long-term and are therefore necessary.


Thanks as always to all the Members, Bailiffs, Gen Committee members and Officers who give their time so that GAS can not only get by, but can flourish over years to come. There are far too many to be able to thank individually.


 We always need to remember that there are also a small band of people who help out behind the scenes to make things tick. Many of them will be known to you, but some maybe not. The wives of the officers have to put up with their partners undertaking Society business and several of them have embraced this and indeed help out practically behind the scenes and have done so for many years. A big thank you to you all.


That leads me, of course, to the one that I know most about, which is my own wife, Bernice, who, having historically undertaken Bailiff duties with me, for about 10 years or so, has also taken on the checking of the day ticket sales and junior permits from the Apollo shop, Miss Marple duties reviewing the CCTV at M Farm, when asked to do so, gardening at Marsh Farm, being a person on the end of the phone to respond to member’s queries and helping them out with whatever issues they may have. All that on top of putting up with me disappearing off to meetings or emergencies that have arisen somewhere that needs sorting. On Sunday evenings as well, as recently, when we had a major water leak at Marsh Farm and lost our water supply.


Here’s looking forward to a good 2024 for you all and I hope to see you at the AGM.




Graham Harris - Hon. Sec &  Hon Treasurer.




The past twelve months have seen a significant amount of activity from the GAS Fisheries Management Team, across all of our waters. Not only have we successfully executed & maintained the new annual programs put into place regarding Siltex and Supplementary feeding, but some progress has been made in stock management particularly at Johnsons, Marsh Farm & Wood Lake.


Broadwater Lake:

Since the renewal of the long-term lease on the water, the Society has taken steps to develop a long-term climate resilience & rejuvenation plan. This season has seen a second aeration system installed around the Island, an extensive series of Swim rebuilds repairs which are now completed on the Godalming side of the lake, extending around to the outflow sluice. Also, the 1st Phase of a joint project with Waverley & the Environment Agency to grade banks and plant marginal plants has commenced. It is hoped that these programs will be close to completion over the next couple of seasons and that this should see an improvement in the water quality and general aquatic environment.


Johnsons Lake:

Work on Johnsons Lake has primarily focused on stock management, in particular removal of F1 Hybrids & small common carp along with a targeted reduction in the Tench population. Controlling the biomass is key to maintaining the quality fishing to be had for all species on this water. In addition to the stock cropping exercise, we moved a significant number of young but mature Crucian carp (1lb-2lb) here to enhance their long-term growth potential.

Along with many other waters, in the country, Johnson’s has seen a particularly prevalent year for the Argulus parasite, it was found to be particularly prevalent in our Tench population during our winter netting activities. Therefore, the FM Team have put in place a series of strong countermeasures to address the issue and are confident of success.


Marsh Farm:

The 2023/24 season has seen the commencement of a program of Swim re-builds & repairs across the whole complex with Hill Pond now complete. Over 30 swims have been re-built for the long term and this program will continue in the coming seasons until they are all finished to the new standard.

Management of the bankside vegetation, particularly on the Islands is an emotive subject but this is vital work for silt prevention & climate resilience. The hard ‘hair cut’ it receives in the Autumn is soon forgotten as the spring regrowth is very strong.

We have been managing the Crayfish on Marsh Farm for a few years now & we continue to step up interventions on this front. Glen Drier has been a huge support conducting this activity after many years of hard work done by Dave Barnard.

On the Stock Management front, this Winter saw the introduction of 400 10–12-inch Crucian into the complex. This will be followed by a further stocking of mature Perch as soon as they become available.


Wood Lake:

The Team at Wood Lake have been very active with the Management of Bankside vegetation & Planting of Marginal reeds. The Silt Trap & Reed bund are really making a difference to the water quality, to the extent that no barley straw was used for the 1st time in many years. We also conducted a supplementary feeding program on this water for the first time which has led to significant improvement in the fishing experience.

On the Stock Management front, this Winter saw the introduction of 12 selected Carp from two very different and exciting bloodlines which we hope will go some way to maintaining the carp fishing heritage on this water in the years to come. In addition, we began a trickle stocking program for Bream, Tench & Crucian Carp, these were mature young fish that we hope will begin to invigorate the existing stock. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure stock in time for this winter window but next season we hope to report the introduction of  both Pike & Perch.


River Wey:

We have begun working with our Environment Agency partners, Angling Trust & land owners to produce a plan to improve the habitat & aquatic environments in a number of areas, starting at Eashing. We have been given the go ahead to commence work this close season & we may well be looking for some volunteer help.


The 2024-25 Season is again looking busy, executing & maintaining the new annual programs. However, a number of other projects to support our stock management & fishing environments are being planned, which we will reveal in due course.


In conclusion, much work has been undertaken that will bear fruit for the long-term health & stability of all our waters. I would like to thank the army of volunteers that supports the fisheries management efforts without whom, none of the projects outlined would be possible. We always need more help, so if you want to get involved in any way large or small reach out to me directly or via social media.


Tight lines for the year ahead.


 Clive Larke Hon. FM Secretary






Head Bailiffs Report 2023-24


Spring 2023

The lakes started to wake up from their winter sleep.  The fishing was slow but those anglers that ventured out reported some good catches

Harris Lake was at times having up to 30 anglers on it and was fishing well.

Wood Lake was producing carp, tench and bream to those that popped along and Bramley produced a 30 lb grass carp


Summer 2023

The traditional start of the season began well with Broadwater producing over 100 carp to a group of 3 anglers.

Johnson’s saw tench to 8:12 lb being caught along with crucian to 4lb and some big carp.

Bramley again surprised us with another big grass carp this time at 40lb.

Marsh Farm was fishing well on all lakes and there were  some very happy anglers all round the complex

The River Wey started well with silvers, chub and a few barbel being reported


Autumn 2023

Fishing continued to to get better as the weather started to cool from the long hot summer days

Many anglers reported great catches on all our waters : Broadwater produced a carp of 27.8lb

Marsh Farm was still fishing well

The river was slowly starting to give up a few of its monsters with barbel being reported from both Eashing and Upper Common Meadow.  The cows can be a bit of a nuisance here as they are very inquisitive at times.

Johnson’s at times got quite busy but there was always some space somewhere


Winter 2023 /24

Fishing remained good,  with Johnson’s “Peach” coming out a few times around 43+ lbs and a common that was over 38lbs.

Wood Lake had its share of big fish with the silver common being caught at 27 lb,  along with some very elderly  carp that are well over 50 yrs old now.

The River produced barbel to 12 lbs  but because of  the constant rain and floods, it was very difficult  to get on the river banks right up till the end of the season.


We had several reports of poaching on all our waters and l would  like to remind you to make sure the gates are locked after you enter and leave the waters.  If you see anything suspicious please call me straight away


I’d like to thank the tremendous team of bailiffs that give up so much of their time and put in huge amounts of effort to make the lakes like they are.    I get so many messages saying what a wonderful club we have.


Lastly if there’s anyone that has a few hours spare each week and think they’d like to join the bailiffs’ team,  please contact me




HON MATCH SECRETARY’S REPORT 2023 including Fixture List for 2024/25




The Match scene remains very buoyant with good regular weekly attendances throughout the summer especially on the Weds opens at Marsh farm run from April until Oct which were boosted latterly by top anglers practicing for their “Fish South” competition. Numbers were only slightly down during the winter months when our focus turns to commercials. It was nice to see several new faces this year also. Just a quick note on Marsh Farm parking. If you have a current 2023/24 season

parking permit it will be carried forward into the new 24/25 season. Currently no need to re-apply but I will let you know if anything changes.

We had good club Matches on our Stillwater’s with Bramley Wood and Broadwater all producing good catches before winter set in. The summer league was well attended as usual and hotly contested as always with a comfortable winner this year in Steve Livingstone with 73pts. Others were Dave Hoffman 58pts, Charlie Salmon 40pts, Brian Wallace 38pts, Frank Bevan also 38pts but lower weights and Tim Brown 37pts.

The winter league continues as I write with Myself veteran Roger Howe and young sprog Mark Shaw battling it out for top spot with one round to go at Broadwater and one point in it although on paper Stuart Kendal could just nick it if we both blow out. Once again it proved difficult to book up Matches for the 2024-2025 season fixture list. It seems clubs are booking earlier than ever with some Fisheries booking up until the end of the 25/26 season!! I have managed a varied list which I hope you approve of. Sadly, the River does not figure this time mainly due to poor parking and long walks making it unpopular with many of our aging Match group kitted out with trollies resembling articulated lorries. The few spaces for multiple cars parking within a reasonable distance have all but disappeared including Broadford Bridge which is now sports bollards courtesy of the local council. Once again there are more commercials in the winter months as they are more productive than natural waters and therefore very popular despite the extra cost that continues to rise although we have managed to hold our entry /pools prices at a reasonable level for the time being.

I would like to thank all of those who helped me throughout the year with pegging and standing in in my absence.

Tight lines everybody for next season


Roger Howe





FIXTURES 2024 2025 season



Sun 7th

Bramley Lake   Draw 830   Fish 10-3.30

Sun 14th

Richardson Lake     Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3.30pm  (SL3)

Sun 21st

Harris Lake    Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3.30pm

Sun 28th

Wood Lake     Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3.30pm (SL4)



Sun 4th

Gold Middle Lake    Draw 8.30 Fish   10-3.30pm

Sun 11th

Willingshurst Jons Lake     Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3.30pm  (SL5)

Sun 18th

Charity Match Richardson Lake     Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3.30pm

Sun 25th

Johnsons Lake    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3.30pm  (SL6)



Sun 1st

Harris Lake   Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3.30pm

Sun 8th

Richardson Lake     Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3.30pm  (SL7)

Sun 15th

Field Cup Thames and St Pats Stream (Team Match)

Sun 15th

Bramley Lake     Draw 8.30 Fish 10--3.30pm

Sun 22nd

Richardson Lake   Draw 8.30  Fish 10-3.30pm

Sun 29th

Broadwater Silvers     Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3pm  (SL8)



Sun 6th

Willow Small /Middle      Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Sun 13th

Sumners MatchLake    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm (WLI)

Sun 20th

Richardson Lake    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3.30pm  (WL2)

Wed 23rd

Bramley Lake    Draw 9am  Fish 10-3.30pm

Sun 27th

Willingshurst Jons Lake    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm (WL3)



Sun 3rd

Gold Middle Causway bank    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Sun 10th

Whatmore Farm   Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3.30pm

Wed 13th

Wood Lake    Draw 9am Fish 10-3pm

Sun 17th

Willow Small /Middle Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Sun 24th

Bramley Lake    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm



Sun 1st

Pump Station  Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Sun 8th

Whatmore Farm    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Wed 11th

Wood Lake    Draw 9am Fish 10-3pm


Billhook    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm (WL4)

Sun 22nd

Christmas Match Marsh Farm (River if frozen)

Sun 29th

Wood Lake    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm



Sun 5th

Gold Middle    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Sun 12th

Whatmore Farm    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

wed 15th

Wood Lake    Draw 9am Fish 10-3pm

Sun 19th

Willow Small /Middle     Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Sun 26th

Willingshurst Johns Lake    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm (WL5)



Sun 2nd

Billhook     Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Sun 9th

Sumners MatchLake    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Wed 12th

Wood Lake    Draw 9am    Fish 10-3pm

Sun 16th

Willingshurst Johns Lake    Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3pm (WL6)

Sun 23rd

Pump Station     Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3pm



Sun 2nd

Willow Middle     Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Sun 9th

Whatmore Farm Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm (WL7)

Wed 12th

Bramley Lake    Draw 9am   Fish 10-3.30pm

Sun 16th

Pump Station    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Sun 23nd

Sumners Ribbon Lake    Draw 8.30  Fish 10-3pm (WL8)

Sun 30th

Gold    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3.30pm



Sun 6th

Billhook    Draw 8.30  Fish 10-3pm

Sun 13th

Richardson Lake    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3.30pm

Sun 20th

Willow Small /Middle    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Sun 27th

Richardson Lake    Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3.30pm



Sun 4rd

Bramley Work Party and Match  Meet 8,30am

Sun 11th

Richardson Lake    Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3.30pm

Sun 18th

Bramley Work Party and Match  Meet 8,30am

Sun 25th

Billhook    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm



Sun 7 1st

Bramley Work Party and Match  Meet 8,30am

Sun 8th

Broadwater SilversMatch    Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3.30pm

Sun 15th

Richardson Lake    Draw 8.30   Fish 10-3.30pm

Sun 22nd

Wood Lake    Draw 8.30 Fish 10-3pm

Sun 29th

Harris Lake    Draw 8.30   Fish 10- 3.30pm





Sun 28th Sept 25  Ribbon Lake booked


Sun 9th Oct 25  MatchLake booked


Sun 26th Oct 25 Ribbon booked


Sun 30th Nov 25 MatchLake booked





JUNIOR ORGANISER’S REPORT 2023 (development, coaching & matches)


Coaching and development report 2023


2023 was a good year for the coaching team.  We ran our programme of Saturday morning Fishing for Fun sessions that proved  popular as always. Thanks to the support of the Society, these sessions are free to attend and all tackle ad bait is provided. If you have any family members who are interested in trying fishing this is the perfect introduction.  Dates for 2024 are on the website already but booking in is essential as spaces are limited. 

Angling proved a great activity for our local cubs,  scout and brownie groups with around 150 youngsters attending various evening events at Marsh Farm.  These are fun introductory sessions that give lots of local kids a positive experience of our sport.  I am delighted to report that Broadwater school organised a couple of evening sessions with us that are continuing this year. School outdoor activities stopped during the pandemic and it is good to see school groups returning to fish with us.

Our involvement with Guildford Voluntary Action continued for another year and it has been a joy to run these events. I had not fully appreciated the link between angling and mental health before these sessions.  It is incredible how fishing creates an atmosphere that allows people to relax and interact in a very positive way.  Hopefully we can run these sessions for another season at least.

On the competition side, our junior summer league benefitted from the introduction of some Petersfield anglers, with Finlay Tester coming out on top on 5 points just ahead of Michael Ewing on 7 and Leo Hackman on 8.  We were able to run the summer carp fishing event at Broadwater and this year Cameron Eadie won comfortably with 20 carp ahead of Callum Hatley on 15.  Thanks to Rob Hackman and the Broadwater bailiffs for supervising the event and Gardner tackle for sponsoring the prizes.

I would like to thank our great coaching team: Andy, Paul, Kevin, Ben, Val, Dave, and Dan and thank Brian, Chloe, Rosie and Dawn for all their great support work. I mentioned last year that Bill Harris retired from coaching after 50 years of involvement with the Society.  I am delighted to report that Bill won the Lifetime Service to Sport award  from Sport Godalming and was presented with a handsome trophy at their awards ceremony.  Well done Bill and well deserved!

Dave Ewing, coaching co-ordinator

Winkworth Fly Fishers

Fly fishing at Winkworth started well with good spring catches but the summer heat which lasted into the early autumn made trout fishing difficult.  On a  positive note, we caught plenty of roach over the summer on the fly and some decent fish- up to the 1lb mark. There is a head of carp at Winkworth that will also be worth targeting on the fly in the summer heat  Should any member wish to join, please e-mail me at godalming.angling@gmail.com for more details and an application form


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