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Members note: keepnets now banned at Marsh Farm until further notice (except in authorised competitions)
Added on May 26, 2018

Effective 26th May 2018 and until further notice (earliest 1st November 2018) use of keepnets is not permitted on the Marsh Farm lakes except in authorised competitions.

This is due to low oxygen levels in the water caused by the prevailing weather conditions.

River Wey Hell Ditch Fish Pass
Added on May 17, 2018
The Environment Agency has recently funded the creation of a fish pass at the top of the Hell Ditch upstream of Godalming. 

This is a brush style fish pass which connects the Hell dich to the main
River Wey. The Hell ditch hosts some good habitat which we expect coarse
fish will be using for spawning during the spring. The new fish pass will
ensure that fish can freely pass to good spawning habitat and juvenile fish
can then drop out of the Hell ditch to trickle feed the main river with
A fish rescue carried out during the fish pass construction saw a number of
different species of fish relocated to the main river.
Additional cormorant protection introduced at Marsh Farm
Added on March 16, 2018

We have recently introduced additional cormorant protection at Marsh Farm to supplement the long established cormorant lines.

This additional protection is called the hedgehog - for more details of the product please click hedgehog.


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