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Videos of 2nd (and 1st) Broadwater nettings' on 12th December (and 28th November) 2016
Added on December 22, 2016

For videos of the both Broadwater nettings' on Monday 12th December and Monday 28th November 2016 click this link:

New stocking: more fish from the EA
Added on December 07, 2016
Once again this year we have received a quantity of young fish from the EA.  The fish were bred at the EA fish farm at Calverton.  

A batch of fish for the River Wey consisting of 300 dace, 500 chub and 500 roach were released at Eashing.
Also delivered were 200 crucian carp.  At 5 inches in length these were larger than previous such fish the EA have supplied.  Of these fish 150 were put into the wildlife pond with the remaining 50 put into Harris.


Koi Herpes Virus - Outbreak confirmed in Surry lake - Our Fish Are At Risk - What You Need To Do
Added on October 07, 2016

Fatal disease killing between 50% and 90% of Carp infected.

Thorpe Lea Fishery in Surrey confirmed as having an outbreak of the infection - to see the Environment Agency announcement click here.

Virus spread by wet landing nets, unhooking mats, weigh slings and towels etc.

Please ensure all of your fishing tackle is bone dry before fishing.

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