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AT/Preston Junior National League – Round 4
Added on October 30, 2017

AT/Preston Junior National League – Round 4
October 28th 2017

After an overnight frost sport was unsurprisingly poor for this final round. Therefore it was always going to be a draw bag day, which would decide the outcome and, so it proved, with anyone of five juniors capable of lifting the league winner’s trophy. Ultimately the winner on the day came from peg 15, but only finished 2nd in the league. Ethan Etherington had to drop one score and was hoping his near rival, Callum Hutchins, would find flyer peg 13 in poor form. Unfortunately for Ethan, Callum found skimmers and a tench to weigh in 8lb 3ozs, only 3ozs below Ethans best weight of 8lb 6ozs so took 2nd on the day. When the final scores where added up and the worst score taken away, it was Callum who took the title by a clear 4pts from Ethan.

Third on the day was 8 year old Michael Ewing who, true to form, drew peg 11, much to his dad’s pleasure, but it was only in the last 90 minutes that Michael actually caught. He finished with three bream/skimmers for 7lb 11ozs, and with his lowest score dropped, Micheal could only finish the league in 4th place, still a great result for one so young. Fourth, and the final catcher on the day, was Tom Clark on end peg 5, who had a tench, small carp and skimmer for 5lb 4ozs, but more importantly was that when his lowest score was taken away, he finished with total of 50 points to take the final podium place.

Thanks to Preston Innovations and Angling Trust for running this competition which, we hope, will continue in the coming years.

Ethan Etherington 8-6-0
Callum Hutchins 8-3-0
Micheal Ewing 7-11-0
Tom Clark 5-4-0
Jessica Carter DNW
Tom Stratford-Tuke DNW
Ben Gregoriades DNW
Harry Franklin DNW

Final Positions: See Points Table in photo gallery

Junior Match, Hill Pond 21st October 2017
Added on October 23, 2017

Junior Match, Hill Pond
21st October 2017

With the venue being switched from Richardson’s Lake to Hill Pond, to help with the island clearances, it proved a fortunate move in light of the pending ‘Brian’ storm warnings. With their backs to the wind, the six competitors got on with the task in hand under difficult circumstances.

After a slow start, things picked up with roach and the odd crucian coming to those who took a softly softly approach. The two Ben’s were doing quite well but where being outshone by Jessica Carter, who ended the match with 6lb 14ozs, which consisted of 4 lovely crucians and a few roach. The win earned her maximum points in the league and a £20 gift voucher. Well done Jess!

Not too far behind was Ben Gregoriades who, like Jess, including a very nice crucian in his mainly roach catch of 4lb, despite having his hat blow off into the lake! Ben number 2 (Barnett), had a similar catch, but that only went to 3lb 6ozs. Fourth was George Evans, who we hadn’t seen for a while, and he showed that he’d not lost much of his skill with an all roach catch for 2lb 4ozs. It was also George’s birthday!

With just two rounds remaining the chase is on to see who can top the rankings. It looks a two horse race, but in winter fishing, anything can happen!!!

Jessica Carter 6-14-0
Ben Gregoriades 4-0-0
George Evans 2-4-0
Tom Stratford-Tuke 0-3-0

Ben Barnett 3-6-0
Dan Norris 1-13-0

Junior Points League (JPL) after 8 rounds:
Ben Gregoriades 23pt
Jessica Carter 19pts
Tom Stratford-Tuke 15pts
Ben Barnett 15pts
Daniel Casbon 11.5pts
George Evans 9pts
Tye Hackman 9pts
Ethan Etherington 8pts
Daniel Norris 7pts
James Buckley 3.5pts

The next round (9) is on Hill Pond on October 11th.

AT/Preston Junior Angling League
Added on October 16, 2017

AT/Preston Junior Angling League
Richardson Lake – 14th October 2017

With one round remaining, there are at least four in with a good chance of taking the title, but a good draw has shown to be paramount in a successful league here. Previous leader Ben Gregoriades had a poor 3rd round which could befall any in the final round! Winner on the day from one of the venues top pegs, was Callum Hutchins with a mixed bag of tench and bream plus bits for 17lb 8ozs off peg 11. It was a tight finish with Tom Clark nearly getting up to beat Callum. Tom weighed in 16lb 11ozs from another inform peg, peg 9 and is setting up the final round to be a nail-biter!
Third place was the smallest competitor in the field, Micheal Ewing who landed 3 tench on the bomb from peg 15 for 9lb. New entrant Harry Franklin has only fished 2 rounds so far, so needs a good draw on the final one. He landed tench and a couple of bream for 8lb 11ozs.
Best fish of the day fell to Freddie Bacon and was a beautiful 5lb 8oz tench.

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