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Junior Match, August 31st Richardson Lake
Added on September 02, 2019

Junior Match
August 31st
Richardson Lake

With some still on vacation and other distractions, we saw 6 turn out for this later than usual time. An encouraging highlight was the last minute addition of a young lady to boost the numbers and while she had never fished before with a rod and reel, she knuckled down and started to pick up small skimmers, perch, roach and a small crucian, which she was highly delighted with. Winner on the day, unsurprisingly, from a good draw was Ethan Etherington, who continues to show great progression in the sport. Ethan weighed in over 19lb of bream, skimmers, tench and the odd crucian, clear of a recent recruit to the ranks, Alfie McVay. Drawn on another super peg, Alfie used a method feeder throughout to net skimmers, bream and tench for 15lb 12ozs off peg 11. Third was another recent recruit, Billy Goodyear, on peg 7 who looked at one stage to be going well, fell short as the wind picked up and made holding 13m a bit too difficult. Nevertheless Billy weighed in over 8lb of tench and skimmers to chop worm.

Ethan Etherington 19-4-0
Alfie McVay 15-12-0
Billy Goodyear 8-8-0
Ben Gregoriades 4-13-8
Katie Young 2-14-0
Leo hackman 0-1-0

Apollo Junior Points League (AJPL) after 6 rounds:
Ben Gregoriades 14pts
Monty Martin 13pts
Jessica Carter 11pts
Billy Goodyear 7pts
George Evans 7pts 
Ethan Etherington 5pts
Michael Ewing 5pts
Alfie McVay 4pts
Leo Hackman 3pts
Tom Rollings 2pts
Katie Young 1pt
Josh Chapman 1pt

2019 Junior Night Match, Broadwater Lake
Added on July 08, 2019

2019 Junior Night Match
Broadwater Lake
July 6/7th

Another year in the annual junior night match saw a good improvement in numbers from previous years with just 2 age groups attending, yet no young adults! Even so a turnout of 13 was excellent. Learning how to pull a flyer normally doesn’t start till you’re much older, but we seem to have someone who’s breaking that mould with Ben Gregoriades pulling out the same winning peg as last year! Ben netted 16 assorted mirrors and commons to 14lb 10ozs for a superb weight of 138lb 13ozs, which was nearly double the second place weight.

On his first visit to this annual match was 10 year old Liam Fitzgerald, who was next to the winner and had 6 fish to 17lb 2ozs for a total weight of 77lb 12ozs. Liam easily won his age group and I’ve no doubt he’ll be back next year! Ollie Sheehan was in 3rd place, but second in his age group, with 6 fish to 16lb for a total 70lb 4ozs weight from peg 14, which was just ahead of Matt Devasagayam on peg 6 who had 67lb 5ozs, topped by a superb 18lb 13oz mirror, which won the biggest fish prize. 

Unfortunately in fishing there are always winners and non-winners, but it’s important to remember that this is the nature of our sport and things always turn out different as we go through life. So to all those who didn’t catch, or those who didn’t catch enough to win prizes, just remember that your time will come, so keep learning, trying and never give up! Well done to you all.

My thanks go to Dave Kill and his team of bailiffs/helpers for their continued help and support, for without them this event would definitely not be staged. Further thanks go to Gardner Tackle who, as always, continue to support the juniors with prizes and goodie bags. Also Apollo Angling for their generous support. Last but not least is GAS itself, who continue to dig deep for the fish and chip expenses, which is much appreciated by all the competitors and supporting helpers.

Age Groups:
Up to 11:
Liam Fitzgerald 77-12-0
Archie Wilding 50-15-0
Ben Gregoriades 138-13-0
Oliver Sheehan 70-4-0
Matt Devasagayam 67-5-0
Alfie McVay 44-10-0
Josh Chapman 33-11-0
Tom Shepherd 25-8-0

Junior Match, June 15th 2019, Harris Lake
Added on June 24, 2019

Junior Match
June 15th 2019
Harris Lake

With only 5 attending there was plenty of space for them, but it didn't do any good as fish where conspicuous by their absence, something not entirely unknown on this lake! Only one caught and that was Michael Ewing, who managed a 2lb crucian from peg 31. Very disappointing for the youngsters and something that is beginning to characterise a potentially beautiful lake!
At the moment, our next Junior match is under threat due to the current fish mortality issues on Broadwater. I hope to confirm later this week whether the night match will go ahead this year, in order to give plenty of time for the lakes issues to be re-assessed and passed fit for purpose. 

Apollo Junior Points League (AJPL) after 4 rounds:
Monty Martin 13pts
Ben Gregoriades 10pts
George Evans 7pts 
Jessica Carter 6pts
Michael Ewing 5pts
Tom Rollings 2pts

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