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Junior Janaway Cup Day Saturday 17th September 2016
Added on September 19, 2016

The last coaching Saturday of the summer is a bit special.  All the youngsters who have come regularly over the summer and some new to angling get a chance to fish for the Janaway Cup.  This is a special trophy donated by the Janaway family in memory of their son Chris who attended our local schools and went on to become a doctor.  Tragically Chris was killed in a traffic accident aged only 28.  Chris loved the Society and despite his career taking him away from the area was insistent that he would always remain a member of Godalming.  The cup is awarded each year in his memory to the top angler on Janaway cup day.

We let all the youngsters draw for pegs and a keepnet was ready for them in each swim.  Some of the younger anglers team up and fish two to a peg whilst others prefer to fish on their own.  The rules are simple.  Whichever peg has the biggest weight of fish in their net by 11.30 is the winner.  This year conditions proved unusually tough.  A day of rain followed by a near 15 degree drop in temperature meant that easy bites were hard to get.  The myriads of small roach and rudd were proving elusive as were the bigger trench and crucians.  However a few better rudd alongside some smaller tench were willing to feed.  It became clear that the roadside bank was more favoured with Cameron losing a big fish early on and George sliding his net out with worrying regularity.  Luckily once the unforecasted drizzle relented the temperature crept up a degree or two and fish started showing all round Hill Pond. Not many but enough to keep the interest levels going with our competitors.
At the whistle all the kids followed the scales round the lake.  Weights were tight with ounces separating the scores.  But one young man had done enough with his early fish to take the coveted title.  The throng surrounding the scales stopped at George Evans swim and there was a round of applause as he put 1lb 15oz of decent roach and rudd and a bonus small tench on the scales to beat Cameron and Rafael who were tied on 1lb 4oz for second.
Well-earned sausages and burgers cooked to perfection by Brian and Dawn Norris (Dawn – the club might be able to invest in some decent tongs for onions….) were served under our new outside canopy area.  The Janaway cup was presented by David Hunter, the mayor of Godalming with Anne Bott, our previous mayor also in attendance.  A special mention should also go to the Janaway family who came and supported the day and shared in the great atmosphere of this event.
We would like to thank all the coaches, helpers, parents and youngsters who have attended summer coaching and made it so enjoyable for all of us.  Don’t forget that there are junior competitions right through winter and angling academy days during all the winter school holidays.  Check the website for details!


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